Jahan Pay Saman
Design and construction Company
About Us

Established in 1997, Jahan Pay Saman is a full–service company specializing in design of geotechnical, structural and industrial projects.

Highly skillful and experienced engineers of J.P.S offer innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Whether you need to investigate, design or construct a project, we have the experience, solutions and services to solve your problem.

Expertise: We bring together the people, technology and equipment necessary to get the job right on time and on budget

Experience: Our insight comes from the practical knowledge of our engineering and construction professionals. In fact, each of our engineers is a highly-trained specialist with extensive experience in managing, design and construction.

Solutions: We work in a wide range of industrial-manufacturing petrochemical, refinery, cement, and commercial buildings.

Offering innovative solutions for solving unique problems to these highly-specialized industries and meeting the demands of diverse operating environments is a J.P.S trademark.

Results: Our track record of successful projects and satisfied costumers is evidence that we can fulfill all of your requirements. Our success is due to an investment in lasting relationships with our customers, partners and employees.